Shaun and Danielle

This past year we went through the process of buying our first home. We had searched for months on our own prior to engaging the help of a realtor. Our first realtor was nice enough; he knew the areas we were looking in quite well and he had a good sense for fair market prices. We just couldn’t quite find the right house for us, and over time it became clear that he was losing patience with us during the search. This was frustrating and turned us off of searching for several months.

A friend recommended we give Sheryl a try, citing her positive attitude, long-time knowledge about local housing markets, and eagerness to help new homeowners find the right house for them. Sheryl was a breath of fresh air! The biggest and most important thing she did for us was listen! She paid close attention to our needs and it was evident in the houses she took us to. We count ourselves lucky and blessed to have had Sheryl by our side and we would wholeheartedly recommend her to anybody looking for a new agent.